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A.D.A.P.T. is a card and dice game that features a unique experience based drafting system, mashup style fish building, and a deep and dynamic battle system

Choose your starting guppy, then use an all-new experience point-based drafting system to buy upgraded bodies and all manner of new parts for your guppy. Quickly adapt it to become the most powerful master fish in the sea with any combination of aquatic bodies and parts you can mash up, battling the other master fish to the death along the way for there can be only one master fish in this ocean.

Will your Dolphin, with the armored scales of an Arampaima, the mouth of a giant Sea Bass, the bioelectricity of an Eel, and the tail of a Thresher Shark prove victorious by ramming other fish with its lethal Swordfish horn? Will your Sailfish, with a Clownfish Tail, poisonous Lionfish pectoral fins, and Anglerfish Light Node, followed by a school of fish he commands, be the last Master Fish alive? Or will your Great White Shark, with the spiked skin of a Puffer Fish, over-sized brain, and regenerating heart be the last fish swimming by leaping from the water with its Flying Fish wings for a diving sneak attack? The possibilities are endless!

With Octo, Fantasy, Reptile, Guppy, and Mech expansions also available, there's no reason that your Giant Squid with the wings of a Pegasus and claws of a dragon can't claim victory through use of torpedoes from inside its tortoise shell. Each time you upgrade your fish's body or add new parts, it becomes more powerful, lives longer, and gains new special abilities! Life under the sea just got much more interesting!

Game Contents:

  • 5 Mouth Cards
  • 5 Skin Cards
  • 5 Sides Cards
  • 5 Organ Cards
  • 5 Tail Cards
  • 5 Specials Cards
  • 3 Guppie Cards
  • 15 Bodies Cards
  • 5 Dorsal Cards
  • 5 Horns Cards
  • 1 Game Manual
  • 3 Player Aids
  • 21 Game Dice (3 Sets)
  • 3 Player Mats

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A.D.A.P.T - Board Game

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