Adora: Be Bright Hair Colour Change Doll - Melissa (36cm)

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Be Bright Melissa – Hair Colour Change Doll (36cm)

This fearless color-changing play doll will help your little ones be boldand courageous!

Be Bright doll Melissa is a 14-inch doll and has the sweetest magical faceand braided blue hair with a surprise igniting in the sun. This interactivedoll comes with her favorite cold shoulder dress with glitter details and herSpirit Animal shark printed on the front. This play doll is not afraid to takea leap forward to the future with her metallic shoes! Melissa has green eyes,medium skin tone, and a beautiful braided blue hair with UV-lightactivated cream streak that turns pink in the sun! This streak turns back tothe original cream color when she returns indoors. Be Bright Melissa is agreat alternative to 18-inch dolls! She is here to inspire, motivate, encourageand uplift young girls to live in a world where anything is possible! She loveshaving her BFFs around, so make sure you check out all the Be Bright Dolls!There is Honey, Savannah, Alma and Lulu. Within the “Be Bright”collection, each girl has their own unique spirit animal, story & hashtag.Whichever doll you pick (or collect them all!), there is a Be Bright doll foreveryone. Time to #BeBright & change the world together! Having magical funwith color-changing dolls? Our Sunshine Friends Rae, Summer and Violet areexcited to play with your little ones at the beach beneath the sun!

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Adora: Be Bright Hair Colour Change Doll - Melissa (36cm)
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