Bakugan: Armored Alliance - Baku-Gear Bakugan (Darkus Ultra Gillator)

Darkus - Ultra Gillator

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Your favorite Bakugan just got bigger! Unleash the power of Deka Bakugan, the jumbo-sized versions of your favorite Bakugan Armored Alliance characters from the hit show (now on NETFLIX)!

Roll into action with Armored Alliance Bakugan Ultra and Baku-Gear! You have the power to unleash epic transformations with all-new Baku-Gear weapons! Roll your Bakugan Ultra over the BakuCores (2 included) and activate the amazing leap open transformation. Then, fully weaponize your Bakugan Ultra. Drop the included Baku-Gear on top of your Bakugan Ultra and watch it transform – no battle will ever be the same! With awesome detailing and faction symbols on every Bakugan Ultra, your favorite characters from the TV show come to life. Add over 50 Bakugan Ultra with Baku-Gear to your collection (each sold separately) and power up your brawling!


  • Power up your brawling with Baku-Gear!
  • This pack includes transforming Baku-Gear to fully weaponize your Bakugan
  • Unleash the power of Bakugan and its amazing leap open Baku-Action transformation!
  • Enter Battle Arena with your Bakugan and face off against your friends!
  • Add all of the Baku-Gear Bakugan to your collection (each sold separately)

Set Contents:

  • 1 Ultra Bakugan
  • 3 Baku Gear Pieces
  • 1 Ability Card

Suitable for ages 6 & up

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Bakugan: Armored Alliance - Baku-Gear Bakugan (Darkus Ultra Gillator)
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