Bears Vs Donuts - Bean Bag Plush (Assorted Designs) (10cm)

Vs World: Mystery Plush - (Assorted Designs)

VS World
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Welcome to the world of Bears Vs Donuts!

From the great outdoors to the neighborhood bakery, Bears and Donuts, gotogether like peanut butter & jelly, milk & cookies, Bonnie &Clyde…Whether camping in the woods or hiking the trails or hanging out in themall, Bears are always on the lookout for their favorite Donuts.

Bears Vs Donuts™ are super-cute, bean-filled plush collectibles. TheseBears will steal your heart and the Donuts have zero calories or brains but thatmakes them even more cute!


  • Collect all the silly and soft Bears vs Donuts characters.
  • There are many different Bears and Donut characters to collect. (Each soldseparately)
  • Each plushie is made in an adorable print design that reflects its‘paw-sonality’.
  • Plushie characters are about 10 × 7cm in size.
  • They're so fun to squish and hold!

Suitable for ages 4 & up

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Bears Vs Donuts - Bean Bag Plush (Assorted Designs) (10cm)
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