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A different dungeon crawling adventure where archetypal characters hustle through dungeon room cards with printed symbols on them.

A hustle ends when you step onto a room card with a different colored symbol: but you pick up all the room cards with the same colored symbols you hustled through.

These symbols are used to fight off monsters, purchase trinkets, treasures and artifacts, and fulfill quests. You also gain gold for defeating monsters and fulfilling quests. Use this gold to increase your character level for more special abilities: each character can level to 4th level.

Be the player with the most VP to win the game. But don’t let too many monsters escape or you all lose!

Game Contents:

  • 96 Dungeon room cards
  • 4 character cards
  • 4 helper cards
  • 20 quest cards
  • 30 item cards
  • Gold tokens
  • Corner tile
  • Tokens
  • Rules

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Dungeon Hustle - Board Game
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