Illuminati: 2nd Edition - Alternative Truths Expansion

Game Expansion

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The world is crazier than ever. Help it along with alternative truths!

The world is crazier than ever. Help it along with Alternative Truths! 122 cards, plus three blanks, to add to your Illuminati Second Edition game. Yes, this set includes the New World Order cards and the Artifacts! So, Shangri-La can use the Spear of Longinus during a period of “Fanatics Unite” to take over the suddenly cooperative Paparazzi with the Special Persecutor.


  • Written by Steve Jackson!
  • Illustrated by Lar deSouza, who drew the cards for Illuminati Second Edition.
  • 125 cards of four different types: Groups, Specials, Artifacts, and New World Order.
  • Accurately predicts the course of future history. Well, maybe.

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Illuminati: 2nd Edition - Alternative Truths Expansion
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