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Peter Parker’s alter ego, Spider-Man, is pushed to the breaking point when the always-volatile Venom summons a global threat from its alien home world in the exciting new 2020 season of the Disney XD animated series!

**Squeeze! Ooze! Surprise! **
A symbiote is always full of nasty (and fun) surprises! With Venom Burst figures inspired by Spider-Man Maximum Venom, fans can recreate a gross symbiote surprise again and again! Squeeze the outer figure and a second character spits out of the mouth in a goopy, gunky pile of ooze! Each figure comes in a can that’s perfect for collecting oozey, goopey spit up after the big surprise.

A Character Surprise Before Your Eyes

Ever wonder what a symbiote had for lunch? With the Venom Burst figure, fans can finally find out!

Fans will have fun collecting all of the outer characters, including: Venom, Anti-Venom, Carnage, Cap Symbiote, Anti-Venom Groot, and Symbiote Groot.

With each character, there’s no way of knowing which character is contained on the inside. Inner characters include: Gamma Hulk, Captain America, Black Spider-Man, Lightning Thor, Groot, Metallic Iron Man, Miles Morales, Red Iron Man, Red Spider-Man, Green Goblin, Astral Doctor Strange, and Modok. It’s twice the mucky, yucky fun!

Look for other Spider-Man Maximum Venom figures and role play items, each sold separately, to discover more about the world of Maximum Venom!

**Enter the World of Maximum Venom **
The battle between Spider-Man and Venom continues in the Spider-Man animated series!

Now fans can get in on the exciting action and adventure of the Disney XD series with Spider-Man Maximum Venom figures and role play items! Discover new superhuman powers and “venomized” designs with Maximum Venom Titan Hero Series Action Figures including Ghost-Spider and Miles Morales and role play items like the Maximum Venom Mask, each sold separately. Imagine recreating awesome battles between Spider-Man and the sinister, spine-chilling symbiote Venom while the fate of the world hangs in the balance!

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Marvel: Spider-Man Maximum Venom - Venom Burst
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