Real Littles: Disney Backpacks & Handbags S4 - (Assorted Designs)

(Assorted Designs) - Season 4

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Disney Real Littles Handbags and Backpacks – Cute & tinyDisney themed Bags that really work!

Now there are more favourite Disney characters to collect! These cute,colorful Disney-themed Backpacks and Bags are now filled with All-New minicollectible surprises to find! Six more Disney favorites have been made miniincluding Frozen, Encanto, Toy Story, Tangled, The Princess and The Frog andSleeping Beauty. Each adorable little Backpack and Bag is themed using thecoolest materials and finishes. Unzip and open the Backpack or Bag to reveal6 of the cutest Disney stationery and beauty surprises inside!

What will be inside? These are tiny toy school supplies made mini, but theyall really work! They could be tiny Pencil Cases, Novelty Pens, Erasers,Notebooks, Postcards and Stickers! There's also a Limited Edition Flashlight!Plus, the coolest Disney beauty accessories like Hair Ties, Compacts,Hairbrushes and more! Each Micro Pack Backpack and Bag has a clip to hang itfrom a bag or jeans! There are many new surprises to find. It's fun collectingthem all and swapping and sharing them with friends to create the ultimateDisney micro stationery and beauty collection! Disney Real Littles are “ThingsYou Love Made Micro”!


  • Each Micro Backpack and Bag has a clip, so you can hang it onto your bagor jeans
  • Plus they all come with the cutest exclusive Disney Bag Tag!
  • There are many more new surprises to find. Collect them all!
  • Swap and share them with your Besties to create the ultimate Disneycollection!
  • Disney Real Littles is “Things You Love Made Micro”!

Suitable for ages 6 & up

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Real Littles: Disney Backpacks & Handbags S4 - (Assorted Designs)
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