Realm of Sand - Board Game

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Realm of Sand
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Realm of Sand – Board Game

The Realm of Sand, the mirror of the material world and the source of magic in Ragusa, has started dying. After thousands of years of overuse, the magic has begun to dissipate. With the realm in peril, time bends and reality shifts uncontrollably in the physical world.

The Queen of Ragusa has embarked on a journey to the Realm of Sand to save her home. While she travels the plane awaking the power of the glyphs, you as a royal magician must act quickly to assemble those glyphs and stabilize the magic to reconstruct the realm of sands. Who will help the queen save Ragusa and become hero of the Realm of Sand?

Game Contents:

  • 54 Building Cards
  • 6 Player Boards
  • 28 Rune Tiles
  • 84 Rune Pieces
  • 31 Elemental Spirits
  • 4 Level Up Markers
  • 3 Rune Sticker Sheets
  • 6 Crystal Markers
  • 1 Queen Marker
  • 1 Player Star Marker

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Realm of Sand - Board Game
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