Schleich: Grizzly Bear

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After polar bears, Grizzlies are the world’s second-largest bears.Because of their height and their aggressive behaviour, they are considered verydangerous in their home, North America.

Grizzlies are tall, strong animals – they stand up to 2.4 metres high andweigh roundabout 450 kilograms. They have sort of a hump on their back andstrong hind limbs. Grizzly bears are able to run up to 55 kilometres per hour.They are loners and frequently behave aggressively. Sometimes they gather atwaters to catch salmon. Since they are omnivores, these bears feed on fish,plants, and large mammals like moose, deer, and black bears. They are also knownto steal food from wolves or humans.

Conservation Status: Least Concern (LC)
Global Home: North America
Primary Habitat: Forest


  • Hand Painted & Highly Detailed
  • Realistically detailed for imaginative play and educational purposes!
  • Composed of high quality plastic to ensure durability!
  • Perfect for inquisitive young minds

Suitable for Ages 3 & up

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Schleich: Grizzly Bear
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