Shaky Manor: The Tilted Treasure Game

The Tilted Treasure Game

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The tilted treasure hunt!

Local legend says the house on the corner contains hidden treasures… youfind yourself taking a chance and entering to strike it rich, but it isn’tthat easy to keep the treasures safe from the creatures that haunt thedusty rooms!

In this game, race to position your Meeple Player and 2 Treasure Chests intothe room indicated on the Challenge Card by shaking and tilting your box. Eachtime you succeed in keeping the treasure safe, you win the card as a point andthe player to your right adds a new spooky creature into your box to make thenext round harder!


  • 4 Shaky Manor boxes
  • 48 Small Objects (Player Meeples, Ghosts, Eyes, Spiders, Snakes, TreasureChests)
  • 48 Challenge Cards
  • Illustrated Rules

The Dice Tower Seal of Approval is a trademark of The Dice Tower, LLCand is used with permission.

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Shaky Manor: The Tilted Treasure Game
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