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Do stunts like Genie in a bottle, Stop and Go Pendulum, and Mysterious Water Suspension with Sick!

The science trickster displays a bottle and a short length of rope. She explains that according to the ancient legends, a genie lives in the bottle. While you can’t see the genie, if you tickle him with something like a rope, it makes him mad and he hangs onto the rope. The rope is inserted into the bottle and jiggled a bit. When the bottle with the rope still inside it is turned upside down, the rope is seen to dangle unsupported from the bottle. The scientist explains that the genie is even strong enough to make the bottle float. On command, the genie releases the rope, it is easily removed from the bottle and handed out for examination.


  • While many tricksters rely on the arts of deception or sleight of hand to baffle their audience
  • Encourages problem solving skills
  • Teaches the Scientific Method

Please Note: Adult supervision is advised

Suitable for ages 6 & up

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Sick Science: Slick Tricks - Science Kit
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