Haynes - Machine Works Jet Engine
Discover how a Jet Engine Really Works! Build your very own working model, with spinning turbo fans and a variable speed control. Built as though hanging beneath a wing the Jet Engine's speed can be controlled by the handle built...
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Hape: Crane Lift
Future builder puts their imagination into play when erecting a construction site with this crane set. Let the little planner describe the scene while setting up each piece. This will open up a world of pretend play.
$75.00 $68.00
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Meccano: 10-in-1 Rally Racer
Real tools. Real metal parts. Real Racers! Gear up for a whole new build with Meccano’s 10-in-1 model Rally Racer! Young minds tap into their knowledge of science, technology, engineering, art, and math as they piece together this S.T.E.A.M.-stamped building...
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Haynes - Machine Works V8 Engine
Over 250 parts and a famous Haynes Manual! This exciting V8 engine comes with ignition sound, illuminating spark plugs, all the tools you'll need for assembly, over 250 parts and a famous Haynes Manual. The model engine is great fun...
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