Bears vs Babies (by Exploding Kittens)

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Are you ready to unleash your creativity and build the ultimate monster armyto defeat the terrible babies? Then Bears vs Babies is the game for you!

This card game is made for those who love Exploding Kittens, but cravesomething more fierce and ridiculous. With Bears vs Babies, you'll get to createincredible, muscular beasts and pit them against the most disgusting and evilbabies you've ever seen.

The game features a shared deck of cards with bear parts, other monsterparts, and baby cards. Draw a part and use it to build a monster, or draw a babycard and provoke an attack. If you have fewer monster parts than the number ofattacking babies, you lose your monster. But if you have more parts than babies,you'll defeat the infant army and score!

Bears vs Babies comes with 112 cards that are divided into three types:bears, babies, and actions. With its easy-to-learn rules and kid-friendlygameplay, you can enjoy a quick and fun round of this game in just 20 minutes.Get ready for a hilarious and unpredictable adventure with Bears vs Babies!

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Product Code: 27385632
Barcode: 866795000300
Publisher/Brand: Exploding Kittens & Friends
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Bears vs Babies (by Exploding Kittens)
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