GraviTrax: Interactive Track Set - Starter Kit

Interactive Track Set

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GraviTrax: Interactive Track Set – Starter Kit

GraviTrax is an interactive marble run that allows playersto design and build tracks, whilst experimenting with gravity, magnetism, andkinetics to explore endless possibilities and infinite creativity.

Experience the power of Gravity! Gravitrax is the all new STEM track systemfrom Ravensburger! Use your imagination to build superb tracks and set theGravity Spheres rolling! Hit a snag? Freestyle with your own track design or usethe tasks and blueprints included to help you to get started in the world ofGravitrax! Are the Gravity Spheres stopping or flying off before reaching theend target? Time for some problem solving. Rebuild and try somethingdifferent!


  • Encourages experiments with gravity, magnetism, & kinetics.
  • Expansion set for the interactive GraviTrax marble run system
  • To be used only in combination with GraviTrax Starter Set.

Suitable for ages 8 & up

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GraviTrax: Interactive Track Set - Starter Kit
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