LEGO Indiana Jones: Escape from the Lost Tomb - (77013)
Indiana Jones™ fans can relive action from the Raiders of the LostArk film with this temple toy featuring 4 minifigures and lotsof snakesKids can experience all the excitement of the Raiders of the Lost Ark filmwith this LEGO® Indiana Jones™...
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LEGO Indiana Jones: Fighter Plane Chase - (77012)
Kids can recreate a thrilling scene from the Indiana Jones and theLast Crusade film with this playset featuring a plane, a car and3 minifiguresLEGO® Indiana Jones™ Fighter Plane Chase (77012) comes with everythingkids aged 8+ need to enjoy hours of...
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LEGO Indiana Jones: Temple of the Golden Idol - (77015)
Relive the magic of the Indiana Jones films as you build and displaythis highly detailed and iconic scene from Raiders of the Lost ArkReady to enjoy some film nostalgia? Pay homage to Indiana Jones™ as youbuild and display this highly...
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