Retro Wasgij? Destiny #1: The Best Days of Our Lives! (500pc Jigsaw)

Destiny Puzzle #1

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LIMITED SPECIAL EDITION!! To celebrate the hugely popular Wasgij jigsawpuzzle brand, the very first Wasgij “Destiny” puzzle that was ever produced,has been re-released in a special edition retro range 500-piece jigsaw puzzle.So why not enjoy this puzzle and see where Wasgij began… “The Best Days ofOur Lives” is the title of this hugely entertaining 500-piece Wasgij Destinyjigsaw puzzle.

School days – the best days of your life, so they tell us. But what doesthe future hold for these youngsters, and the staff of the school? The schoolscene is in the ’60s, but what might the same scene look like now if thestudents and staff got back together? what will have become of the children nowthat they are in their 40’s? This is the scene you have to puzzle. Use yourimagination, and the clues provided on the box, to piece together what the scenein the school canteen might look like now at the class reunion. Wasgij Destinyis the unique time-travelling puzzle concept where you have to use yourimagination and the clue provided to piece together what the image printed onthe box will look like in the modern-day. Remember, only the puzzle holds theanswer!

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Retro Wasgij? Destiny #1: The Best Days of Our Lives! (500pc Jigsaw)
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